Our Practice

Brightbill/Ericson Eye Associates New Vision Laser Center offers a wide range of eye health care services.

Our practice has three ophthalmologists after Dr. Brightbill retired. Dr. Eric Ericson provides comprehensive eye care including glaucoma care and cataract surgery; Dr. Natalya Romaniv is a comprehensive ophthalmologist who performs cataract surgery as well as some advanced glaucoma treatment; and Dr. Mitul Vakharia is a cornea specialist who performs LASIK and cataract surgery as well as corneal transplant surgery.

Our practice has two optometrists: Dr. Paul Hahn offers comprehensive eye exams and specializes in contact lens services, and Dr. Douglas Shumaker provides comprehensive eye exams and contact lenses, including pediatric eye exams.

Our practice emphasizes compassionate care and patient education, to help you make informed decisions regarding your eye health care.

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